Skruf No. 23 Strong White launch Review


With its launch in 2003 Skruf became known as the underdog seriously taking up the fight with the giant Swedish Match. Skruf comes in plenty for different tastes, sizes, types and strengths.

Skruf also gives us Småland Brukssnus as well as different varieties of the Skruf brand, Skruf Nyans and Skruf Super White. In the year of 2005 Skruf was bought by Imperial Tobacco Group, just two years after launching their first product.


This white portion snus delivers strong and solid nicotine kicks together with a the classic Skruf snus flavor of well-rounded tobacco topped with hints of bergamot and rose oil. Skruf No. 23 Strong White – A stimulating Skruf Snus with white portions and a classic snus flavor! It delivers strong nicotine kicks (14 mg/g) together with a traditional flavor where well-rounded tobacco meets tones of bergamot and a dash of rose oil. Its regular sized and white portions have somewhat dry surfaces that reduce their drip. This low amount of drip contributes to a more long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine. You can now buy your can or roll of Skruf No. 23 Strong White Portion Snus online right here at killa snus!

Skruf Super White Slim Fresh is strong nicotine pouches with a dry and discreet profile able to use whenever you want to - Just put it under your lip!  The Slim Fresh is a modern classic in the new all white segment providing a distinct flavor of mint and menthol and at the same time a longlasting nicotine release. 

The all white segment is a new way of consuming nicotine. The portions are chalk-white so that they don't stain your teeth and they're able to use whenever you like. #3 represents the second-highest nicotine content on a scale from 1 to 4. So if you're experienced with pouches, this is probably a perfect fit!